10 Things You Won’t Believe Your Ancestors Did

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Fads and trends come and go. We’ve been through plenty ourselves – remember when everyone loved pokemon or when the most sought after form of transport was a segway?

We’re sure in years to come, if not already, people will look back at the fads of our day with utter confusion and a whole host of questions.

Well, our ancestors are no different, taking part in many strange and bizarre past times or trends that will make you thankful for all you have today.

1. Headless photographs


Not long after the invention of photography came headless portraits. Due to the high mortality rate in the Victoria era, people of the time were pretty obsessed with death. In 1853, a photographer called Oscar Rejlander started the disturbing trend of ‘headless portraits’. There was a huge demand for the trend and people were soon having their photographs taken with their heads in the hands, on the floor or even levitating.

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